The designer


Each fabric, each color, each stitch ... are chosen with care and detail by Lubna Kaddouri, creator of each and every one of the garments that make up the Naas fashion brand.

Her creative universe is influenced by his Berber origin (Amazigh Chelha tribe of northern Morocco) from which he draws his greatest source of inspiration to create a world full of identity, color and craftsmanship.

After finishing her studies in Fashion Design in Valencia, she decided to move to Albacete where she opened her studio and created Naas. A brand that was born in 2017 from the desire to tell the story of an improved heritage without falling into nostalgia.

A history woven of unique pieces in which exotic influences, timeless patterns, high-quality materials, colorful prints and handcrafted embroidery coexist to dress women who seek authenticity, both in their day-to-day and for occasions. and the most special events.

“It inspires me to create exclusive pieces with no expiration date. Pieces that last over time and are authentic treasures "

Lubna Kaddouri