Although sustainability is a process of constant improvement. That is why we fight for an increasingly respectful fashion both socially, economically and with the environment.




Naas immerses us in the creative world of a brand whose designs are much more than raw materials. Designs that you love when you see them, they connect with you, they express themselves for you and, when you wear them, they make you feel special for what they acquire a sentimental value for you.

We are aware of how important it is for you that your garments are durable.

For this reason, we manufacture timeless and quality designs that are far from passing trends. We believe that the purchase does not end when acquiring the garment, so we help our clients to keep it as the first day, keeping it as a real jewel. With this, we extend the useful life of the garments and reduce the environmental impact. Because every little action counts.

‘‘ It’s not just about buying a garment, but about keeping it for its quality and timeless design ’’

The choice of fabrics is also made with a view to providing a positive environmental impact. With the use of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, printing free of toxic chemicals and the introduction of tencel or recycled polyester from plastic bottles, we want to reiterate our commitment to an increasingly ethical fashion.

Do you know our zero waste policy?

We study the cut of the garments to make the most of the fabrics, the surpluses are used to create the accessories of the collection and the unused fabrics are saved for future collections generating zero or minimal waste.



At Naas, we advocate for total information transparency by controlling all the design, manufacturing and marketing processes of our products. We also foster lasting collaborations with the people behind them with whom we have a special bond. For us, everyone who intervenes with the brand is part of the brand.

Our production is 100% Spanish, limited edition and made with great love by professional seamstresses in local workshops in Albacete. Supporting the recovery of the textile sector in the area, living wages and fair trade. Regarding economics, we seek to generate a circular economy based on qualitative, competitive, efficient and innovative growth.

For an increasingly conscious and committed femininity.
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